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Friends club

In Neckom you can expect the lowest prices, new products and the best services!

Friends Club membership implies:

  • All prices at which you can calculate discounts will be lowest in the market
  • Discounts you will get at the end of accounting period of 30 days according to the following scale:

Aggregate amount of purchases at the end of accounting period



 From 500€ to 1000€



 1001€ - 3000€



 3001€ - 5000€



 Over 5001€


Additional benefits include:

  • For advance payment shall be granted an additional discount of 2% which will be shown on the invoice

  • Discount you get at the end of the accounting period will be treated as advance for purchase of materials and equipment in Neckom

  • Deferred payment with certain guarantees

  • For certain products due to low margins will not grant discounts (mainly the same products as in the previous year)

  • The amount of discount you specify your own amount of aggregate purchases during the billing period under the above scale

  • The best and regular customers expect a surprise at the end of the year

That development work will enable the fair allocation of discounts that will only affect you.

This is a continuation of the rebate policy of our suppliers to us and part of good practice for all the world's leading trade in building materials and equipment.

If you have questions or would like to become a member, please visit us in person or contact Neckom Ltd. on 077 100 100, 077 100 117 i

Welcome to the Club!

Dear Sir / Madam,

In order to enhance our cooperation and achieve long-term and genuine partnership NECKOM team invites you to FRIENDS CLUB.

Members of the Friends Club receive cards that indicate membership in the club and allow the card holder:

  • Lower prices of materials
  • Deferred payment term with certain guarantees
  • Special dicounts focused on cardholders

Besides the direct benefits of the above cards allow:

  • Faster flow of information
  • Faster service
  • Information on specific actions aimed at Friend Club

The holder of the card regular meeting obligations, paying bills in a timely manner, acquired conditions and benefits, higher limits and extended payment terms while in the case of non settlement of obligations on time card holders lose these privileges.

The relationship between Neckom and the card holder's governing treaty which defines the rights and obligations. Neckom has the right to change terms of trade over the cards (payment term and cash limit). The buyer is obliged to deliver the goods when purchasing credit - an identification card and identification card cashier, to record the indebtedness on the basis of the purchased goods. If the buyer when purchasing a cashier does not give credit - an identification card loses all the benefits that this card brings.

New Information System provides instantaneous and automatic monitoring of the card and of your purchases. Payment terms and limits are also automatically monitored so that compliance with them is crucial for the smooth conduct purchases.

We can issue multiple cards to meet your needs. CARD VALID on decision.

Become a member of NECKOM FRIENDS CLUB - buy fast, simple and cheaper.

Using the card

The card can be used only in the Neckom store. Through a magnetic swipe card reader or by simply typing the ID number of the card is activated.

Each card holder has its own identification number in our database, which enables accurate tracking:

  • Of your purchases for individual materials
  • Volume of purchases during the time intervala
  • The agreed terms of payment for each account

This allows the development of solid partnerstvai exchange information on new materials, quality and functionality used, makes room for suggestions and joint planning portfolio.

In order of smooth card usage:

  • Take care not to damage the magnetic tape
  • Make sure that the card number to be visible
  • Respect the terms of payment for each account
  • Your purchase must keep within the prescribed limit on the card

Exceeding the deadline of payment automatically blocks the possibility of raising the material. The agreed limits are not exceeded, except in the case of signing a new contract with different terms.

The accounts are closed by the time they made the purchase, then "oldest" accounts, in case of payment by the buyer, or go the cumulative aggregate.

If you lose your card immediately contact the following numbers in Neckom:

Immediately on a tip that the card is lost or stolen, we will block the lifting of the goods, cancel the lost / alienated card and issue a new.

All for a house, house for all! Neckom Niksic. It's not a problem!

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