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In addition to the wide range of products that can be found on the web site we offer:

- Unit drive for processing iron

Bending iron according to the specification

- Unit drive for carpentry

Service - cutting off board materials

- Unit drive for metal sheet

Cutting and bending colored plasticized steel sheets and making all kinds of gutter and flashings

For all information call our info line 077 100 100.

In addition, we offer:

    Mixing colors

    Transport and unloading of materials

    Service of Neckom Craftsman

    Tires installation

    Pipe cutting

    Renting tools

Mixing colors

We have a Mix system for mixing internal, facade coatings and decorative plaster. In Neckom we toned colors for the inner and outer walls at very reasonable prices in a huge number of shades.

We are toning colors with:

BANJA mix system:

BK-Plast (acrylic mortar) in 126 shades
BK-Pol (painter tools) in 380 shades
BK-Fas acrylic 380 shades

MAXIMA mix system:

Roloakril (akrilni malter) u preko 300 nijansi
MAXIPOL (acrylic mortar) over 3000 shades
MAXIFAS (facade layer) over 3000 shades

Your walls can be as you always wanted!

Transport and unloading of materials

NECKOM Ltd. is doing a transport service for all products purchased from us at or in the store at the current price list which can be viewed here.

Neckom Craftsman

is a service that allows fast and efficient installation and repair service at affordable prices. For all renovations and construction problems, you have a simple solution - call NECKOM CRAFTSMAN.

Neckom Craftsman is:






Neckom Craftsman is doing:

    Small home repairs

    Renovation of space

    Building construction

    Installation of products purchased in Neckom

    Emergency interventions

Small home repairs

usually imply any repairs in the household or business premises. Currently we offer about 100 different small repair which will enlarged the number to your requests and suggestions.

Renovation of space

    Loft (parquet, laminate, etc.)

    Waterproofing work

    Facade works

    Ceramic works

    Plumbing works

    Paint works

    Plaster works

    Other craft works

Building construction

    Rough construction works

    The construction of different types of objects

Installation of products purchased in Neckom

All materials purchased in Neckom can install NECKOM CRAFTSMAN.

Tires installation

We are doing free mounting tires bought in Neckom.

Pipe cutting

In Neckom you can cut pipes bought from us. One cut, in half, is free.

Renting tools

In Neckom you can rent electric pneumatic hammer GSH 11 E and some other tools.

For information call our info phone 077 100 100 or write to e-mail

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Opening hours for the upcoming holiday
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