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Prostirke i staze

RUG CIP-6139 60x60
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RUG CIP-6139 60x60
Department: Prostirke i staze
Country of origin: Indija
Manufacturer: ROYAL PARTNERS
Product ID: 27246
Unit measure: kom
VAT: 21.00 %
5.13 €
(VAT included)
Out of stock.
Considering the specificity of the products which we sell, please call our info line +382 77 100 100, 077 100 117 or write to before ordering products.
Depending on the type and quantity of the product you are interested in we could find adequate transportation and give you all the necessary information: price, delivery time, etc.
According to requirements of customers NECKOM can transport all products purchased on or in the store. If order is outside of Montenegro, please check the price of shipping to your destination.

More information on the delivery page.
This product currently has no description.
This product currently has no specification.
For more information call +382 077 100 100.
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